How to take awesome mobile phone selfies when hiking "Off The Grid"

Wanting to create dynamic walking holiday photos that go beyond the stock standard "selfie" next time you are alone and Off The Grid? Look no further, I have a bullet proof solution to taking active photos that will mix up your holiday snaps and make them appear more interesting against those amazing landscapes.

Travel Photography

Beautiful travel photography places the subject in context with their surroundings - enabling a story to be told from that moment in time. Too often when out Off The Grid you may find yourself walking through remarkable landscapes that a traditional selfie will not do it justice.

Solo hikers need to be a little creative in their approach - by placing their mobile up against a rock and using the self timer to position themselves away from the camera. This allows the landscape to be the hero rather than half your body taking up the frame.

The problem with this approach is that you often find out later that the photo you have taken is rarely what you originally wanted.

A New Perspective

My new approach is to set the camera up against a rock or tree, just the same as you would with the self timer method. The difference here is to choose the "video setting" on your camera instead of the "photo setting". Tap the record button and then enter into the frame to create some action within the shot. You can position yourself anywhere within the prescribed setting and create a range of different poses with real action. I find it works best when you move slower rather quickly within the frame.

Once you have finished, press the stop recording button and then review your video footage. When you find the 'perfect frame' where you are walking, jumping, splashing water or crouching underneath a branch you pause your video.

The last step is to then take a screen capture of your mobile device. Now this differs with each camera, but usually requires you holding down a couple of buttons at the same time (e.g. volume + off button). The result is that perfect selfie where you are in motion and part of the landscape, leaving your friends asking who you went hiking with that day.

Joby Gorilla Tripod

An added accessory that can compliment this style of photography is a "Joby Gorilla Tripod". I regularly take mine on day hikes or overnighters as it is super light and takes up very little room.

This super versatile, durable, flexible tripod can wrap around tree branches, enabling you to get shots that are elevated and from a different perspective.

The adjustable cradle that secures your phone to the stand, enables it to be used with the ever changing landscape of mobile phone device sizes, so it does not matter whether you are working with android or an Apple product.

Mobile Photography Tips

Finally a few extra quick tips to help you on your way to taking amazing travel photos when hiking solo.

"Rule of Thirds" - Photography Composition
  1. Carry a small cleaning cloth to remove any dust on your mobile lens (similar to the one you use for your sunglasses)

  2. Activate the 'rule of thirds grid" - this allows you to line up points of interest along these invisible lines, making for better composed photos

  3. Keep your horizon level - either on the top invisible line or the bottom invisible line on the "rule of thirds grid"

  4. Change the perspective of the camera positioning relative to the landscape and subject - either up in a tree or down low near the ground


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