Light, Versatile Hiking Gear

What's one super light piece of kit that should get packed every time you go out hiking? Do you own a buff? Do you know how to wear it? Buffs are a perfect piece of gear when camping or hiking. It is a tubular piece of stretchy material like lycra that can be fashioned for used in a variety of ways that may surprise you (and even your hiking mates).

They're cheap and if nothing else a bit of fun! I use Buffs a lot. So I thought it would be cool to put together a list of possible uses that you can try next time you are hiking Off The Grid.

How to Use a Buff

  1. Hair Band : A fashionable way for the ladies to keep the sweat off their foreheads

  2. Head Band : A similar option for keeping the sweat out of the eyes but in a masculine way

  3. Hat Liner : Keep your hat sweat free by wearing a buff underneath it

  4. Neck Gaitor : At sundown when the mosquitoes come out, a little extra neck protection is a good idea when cooking dinner

  5. Hood : Looks great when in front of the camera, and we need to see your smiling face for a photo

  6. Sunguard : When needing a little extra protection against the sun on the back of your neck

  7. Balaclava : Time to cover up the whole head...well accept your eyes - you still need to see, so you don't walk off a cliff

  8. Neck Warmer / Neckerchief : As the name states, a great way to keep your neck warm when the temperature drops

  9. Face Mask : A great way to protect the face against the winter chill in the morning, or when the temperature goes down and the wind is on your face

  10. Wrist Band / Sweat Band : More than a fashion accessory, this style will help avoid sweaty palms - important when holding hands with someone special

  11. Foulard : Want to keep the head warm but have a lot of hair? Release the ponytail at the back and tick both boxes

  12. Cap / Beanie : Some of us don't have hair, and a nice neat cap would do the trick for avoiding a nasty sunburn

  13. Sahariane : For those who don't like to tuck in their shirts. Similar to the cap, but with a little bit at the back to show your sense of style

  14. Pirate : Everyone has their style variation, but this one is sure to get ye hooked

  15. Man Bun : A look for the metrosexual men - where fashion in the field is extremely important

  16. Face Cloth : A little water on the buff and then wipe down your face after a hard days hike

  17. Micro Towel : After a quick bath in a nearby stream, step into the buff before making your way back to your tent in front of your neighbours

  18. Pressure Pad / Self Securing Bandage : Forgot to pack the medical kit or a little short on supplies? The stretchy material enables pressure to be applied where required


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