Create 3D Videos of Hikes with Relive

Share the highlights, stunning views and best moments of your hiking adventures in a new way!

I've been using a FREE app that turns your adventure into a personal video ready to share to your world. Relive lets you show off your route from above — and you don’t even need to own a drone!

Track your activity, take some photos and enjoy the moment.

Show what it was like out there, create amazing stories and share your passion with friends!

Finished? Time to create your video.

Your outdoor activities have never looked so cool.

Relive uses GPS data and satellite imaging to retrace your hike, providing a bird’s-eye view of the trail. In addition to tracing your route, Relive will mark your maximum speed and elevation, and the locations of any geo-tagged photos that you shot while hiking. Since Relive pulls all this data from your activity tracking account, it can also summarise your hike using the total distance traveled, moving time, elevation gain, average speed and average heart rate.

How to Use Relive

  1. Connect your activity tracker – Sign up and connect your favourite tracker to Relive Activity Trackers include Garmin Connect, Strava , Suunto, Polar Flow, Runtastic, Ride, Endomondo, Apple Health (Watch), MapMyRun, MapMyHike or MapMyWalk

  2. Track your adventure with your preferred program. You will be notified when it has synced with Relive only moments upon completion.

  3. Now lets create your 3D Video memory

  4. Open the Relive App

  5. Choose the activity you want to add photos to, by tapping the pencil icon. Only Club members can re-edit the video.

  6. Select the photos you want to add. Maximum of 10 photos in the free version and 50 for Club Members.

  7. Tap Next The photos you selected are automatically placed on the timeline based on the time stamped on your photo. Photos taken close each other will be bundled together.

  8. Scroll the timeline to find the photos and click the pencil icon to add text and emoji to your photo moment. Only Club members can edit, delete or change the location of the photo

  9. Tap Next

  10. Tap Create and your video including photos is ready.

All of this without the need for any technical ability using complicated video making software.

What are you waiting for?

Download Relive now and track your adventure Off The Grid to start creating your own amazing 3D video memories!



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