Alzheimer's WA Fundraiser - Bibbulmun Big Walk

Beelu National Park


13-14 Hous


40 Kms

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1 Guide per

Group of 10

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About this Walk

Signing up for an epic challenge to raise money for charity doesn’t have to mean running a marathon, climbing a mountain or fighting your office-mates. The Bibbulmun Big Walk is designed to be a more inclusive way to push your physical limits and raise funds for Alzheimer's WA.


This doesn’t mean it's going to be easy. Don’t underestimate the amount of time you’ll be on the move and the toll that takes on your feet. If you’re new to the long-distance walking game it might be wise to start getting in some walking now. It will be an undeniably rewarding experience to conquer such an epic distance. 

Based on our experience, your team-mates and support crew will be absolutely crucial to getting through the walk, so choose the best.

We've purposely chosen this route to challenge you at the same time giving you an opportunity to experience the World Famous Bibbulmun Track.

  • Grab your friends and enter a team or go for a solo challenge

  • Raise vital funds for Alzheimer's WA

  • Enjoy an epic day out in nature

  • It's a walk, not a race

  • Be prepared for plenty of huffing, puffing and laughing out loud

Big Walk Info


Starting from the Northern Terminus in Kalamunda, the track passes through Jorgensen Park, and then enters Kalamunda National Park where we follow Piesse Gully with great granite boulder formations. A short side trip to Rocky Pool and then continue the climb up from the valley. Passing through jarrah and marri forest, we eventually get to the Calamunnda Camel Farm (9km).This is the first check point and team transition location with water and bathrooms available. After a short break, we continue another 2km to Hewett's Hill Hut. From here we keep heading South via the Golden View Lookout, with expansive views of the surrounding area, Lake C Y O'Connor and Mundaring Weir. After crossing the Weir wall, we follow the pipeline for a short while, past the historic Mundaring Weir Hotel and then wind our way through mixed jarrah and banksia forest on the side of the Helena Valley until reaching the half way point at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre (20km from start, 11km from Camel Farm). With bathrooms, shelters and picnic areas, we break here for lunch and any duo or quad team transition area. Once refreshed, we begin the return journey along the same track back to Kalamunda. The final checkpoint is again at Calamunnda Camel Farm (31km from start, 11km from Discovery Centre).It's then the final 9km stretch back to Kalamunda and into the Kalamunda Tavern to enjoy a well-earned celebratory beverage!


MANDATORY GEAR LIST For ALL solo and relay team members.

  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • A whistle
  • Mobile phone
  • 1 x windproof jacket – goretex or similar waterproof fabric strongly recommended.
  • Water container, minimum 2L capacity (may be a water bottle or bladder in a backpack)
  • A head torch when on the trail after sunset - white light torch or headlamp sufficiently bright to light the track at least 50m ahead of you and sufficient battery power to get you to Kalamunda.
RECOMMENDED GEAR LIST FOR ALL WALKERS For ALL walkers, solo and relay team members – ADDITIONAL to those listed above.
  • Additional clothing to match the conditions expected on the day – this may vary from water proof pants to a sun hat and sunscreen.
  • Beanie or balaclava
  • Gloves
  • Water proof bag or snaplock for your mobile phone
  • Food and additional water / hydration
  • Hat and sunglasses


Volunteers play a vital role in creating amazing energy for all of our participants at each transition point. If you are planning on supporting a friend or relative on this walk, why not assist at one of our transition points to cheer on our fundraising heroes and volunteer for an hour or two. WHY VOLUNTEER

  • You’re working towards raising funds to enhance the quality of life of people living with Dementia in WA
  • You could meet like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and learn new skills, or add to the ones you already have
  • You’ll be doing something you’re passionate about
Contact us by email at to register your interest.


  • Online fundraising page ready to update and share with your friends and family to collect donations
  • An awesome t-shirt to wear during the event
  • Our famous buff - guaranteed to make you look like a pro walker
  • A Bibbulmun Track section waterproof map
  • A guide to lead you safely along the trail
  • Transition stations where you can refuel and connect with your support crew


Each transition point is an opportunity to refresh, refill and receive heaps of praise from well-wishes supporting you along the way. Friends, family and supporters are encouraged to cheer on our fundraising heroes at these check points. It is also the location where duo and quad teams pass the baton. BIG WALK START - BIBBULMUN TRACK NORTHERN TERMINUS Google Address 38 Railway Road, Kalamunda WA 6076, Australia CHECK POINT 1 - CALAMUNNDA CAMEL FARM Google Address Paulls Valley Road, Paulls Valley WA 6076, Australia CHECK POINT 2 - PERTH HILLS DISCOVERY CENTRE Google Address 380 Allen Rd, Mundaring WA 6073 CHECK POINT 3 - CALAMUNNDA CAMEL FARM Google Address Paulls Valley Road, Paulls Valley WA 6076, Australia BIG WALK FINISH - BIBBULMUN TRACK NORTHERN TERMINUS Google Address 38 Railway Road, Kalamunda WA 6076, Australia


  • The walk starts and finishes at the Bibbulmun Track Northern Terminus Kalamunda. The turning point on this epic journey is the Perth Hills Discovery Centre, Mundaring.
  • Finish at the Kalamunda Tavern to celebrate your achievement
  • 40 kilometre solo entry - fundraise $2,000
  • 20km two person (duo) relay entry - fundraise $2,000
  • 9km, 11km, 11km, 9km four person (quad) relay entry - fundraise $2,000
  • Strictly limited field size
  • Walk in a group of 1 guide per 10 entries
  • Martial time 6am for a 6:30am start - anticipate latest group finish 8:30pm
  • Cupless event - please bring your own to fill at transition stations



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